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NATO COE-DAT Database Management System

Centre of Excellence Defence Against Terrorism (COE-DAT) which is subordinated to NATO, provides subject matter expertise on defence against terrorism at the course of transforming NATO. The Centre provides training and education at the strategic and operational level on the subjects of defence against terrorism at the international level. COE-DAT which has periodic publications receives academic supports. The software developed by VAIROSOFT aims to manage all database needs of COE-DAT from one point. The software contains wide range of tools such as Relations Management among experts on terrorism, academicians on terrorism, institute relations, activity planning, document management and product management. The system running on secure Local Area Network in COE-DAT has NATO Certificate. URL /


TODAB is a public corporation that has a legal entity. All people and organizations which have been authorized as seed dealer by provincial directorate of agriculture have to be a member of TODAB. In this project; the main focuses were; providing a institutionalized structure to TODAB, fixing up a more effective TODAB-MEMBER interaction platform and building an automated system for tracking documents - subscriptions - members etc. During the lifecycle of the project VAIROSOFT completed 5 sub-projects including Web Site, Portal, Forum, Mobile Applications and Payment integration with banks (Virtual POS, ATM's, Online Banking) and put them into service for TODAB's employees and more than 5000 members. URL /
Syncaride Araç Paylaşım

Syncaride - Sharing Vehicle

Syncaride according to his own car with the empty seats in vehicles of people traveling with people who share their vehicle will travel on the same itinerary and travel more economical to have a system based on the principle. WEB by VAİROSOFT for use in Singapore, has been developed as Android and iOS apps. It is currently in beta testing. The passenger and driver, music, pets, smoking, by taking into account gender preferences such as music arrangements riding stroke, according to certain criteria along the route can be done that can be done, the car brand and model reaches up is a system that many can be variable management. Secure payment system feature is also included. URL /
Web Tabanlı İnteraktif Kodlandırma Sistemi

WETIKS - Web-Based Interactive Coding System

Web-Based Interactive Coding System (WETİKS), NATIONAL AND CODIFICATION WHAT TO MATERIALS UNDER THE SYSTEM, THE SERVICE AND THE COMPANY CODING PROCESS OF ELECTRONIC SIGNATURE AND MOBILE APPROVAL-MODULE THROUGH is a software that allows the AS MAKING SAFE. Companies are able to on the internet through their firm Qualified Electronic Signature Authorization Application, the National Codification Bureau (ISE) Authorized personnel can firms coding operations after the completion of these applications onaylayabilmektedir.yetkilendir Transactions using the Electronic Signature for or Mobile Verification System. URL /

RUTAŞ Portal of Document Presenting and Transfer

This System was developed by VAIROSOFT and customized for RUTAŞ. The System provides capability of presenting technical documents in a special order which contains information about company, inspector and firm to defense industry firms. By means of this software the companies can easily trace all phases of the documents on the basis of person, time and process. The system informs all related person automatically about all phases of the processes. There is no limit for number of files, size of files and number of operations. The System makes the technical approval process electronically between suppliers and customers and prevent wasting time and losing files during this process. The system is being used by the leading firms in their sectors such as ASELSAN, ROTAFILO, PALFINGER (Avusturya) and NRTC (Pakistan). URL / (Portal)

Forever New Employee Management System

Forever New is one of the fastest growing trademark of Australia. It has wide range of store network with its nearly 250 shops in 7 countries all over the world. The Employee Management system developed specially for Forever New has created a systematic way for planning and monitoring employee working times. URL /

Forever New - Facebook Careers Application

Forever New to receive CV via Facebook, allowing to directly accept applications for open positions and open positions create Facebook applications have been developed.   URL /

BahisKuponu- Online Bet Application

BahisKuponu is a bet application that aims to bring football fans and the funny face of the football together. BahisKuponu web application was designed and developed completely by VAIROSOFT staff. A special module that users can follow their coupon instantly on their coupon picture was developed for BahisKuponu web site. The user interface of the web site, enriched with visual elements, was designed to provide users' accessibility to maximum number of match guess and maximum number of comment in the shortest period of time. By means of its software algorithm BahisKuponu minimizes the required server resources while maximizing the user experiences. URL /

Twimod- Global Twitter Follower Index

Twimod is a secondary platform that brings its users together. Twimod users can collect mods by following other users and because of these mods can be followed by other users and can take a step to become more popular. By means of its algorithm The software bring you together with the peoples who are living in the same street, neighborhood or city with you and having the shared area of interest with you. Twimod, has an income model upon selling mods, runs by using twitter API application infrastructure. URL /

FollowerMarket E-Commerce Application

FollowerMarket, developed for USA originated Vianet Digital Media Agency Company that aims to provide promotion prospects in social media to its costumers, by taking one more step in e-commerce, provides its costumers the capability of instant detailed analysis on their social media profiles. FollowerMarket that presents various opportunities in social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, maximizes the costumer retrieval ratio under favor of ticket, order following and coupon systems. The software that runs completely integrated with APIs and SMNetworks of related websites, increases the costumer satisfaction and sells by reducing Vianet Digital Media Agency's waste of time. URL /

JetFollowers Twitter Foower Pool Application

JetFollowers is a website that designed upon redound followers to Twitter users in the fastest way. The software that runs by using Twitter API infrastructure provides its users increase their followers only by using their twitter accounts without entering any extra information. The system makes possible to be more popular for its users by making more followers with daily credit application. At the same time the system has a income module based on selling credit. URL /

FollowerSale Online Twitter Services Selling

Design of Followersale website that uses wordpress platform has been organized, Specific order modules have been coded for the web site and an admin panel completely compile with the demands of agency has been coded and integrated to the site. Follower and retweet is being sold on the site through twitter to support agencies and institutes that aim to grow up in social media quickly and individuals who aim to be more popular. Except user interface, all analysis and reporting can be achieved through a panel that is developed for agency carries out its activities. Developed discount coupon and order tracking infrastructures has made a significant increase on sales. URL /

500Followers Twitter Follower Application

The software that uses the Twitter API infrastructure provides to its users make credit by changing followers. The system makes possible to be more popular for its users by making more followers with daily credit application. At the same time the system has a income module based on selling credit. URL /

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